My quest to find the perfect IDE

2 min read

When I started into coding, I used brackets which really sucks (please don't yell at me).

But after using it for one week I found Atom and immediately shifted to atom. And was blown away by the features it had, and what I missed for one week 😁. Using atom for my projects and coding stuff was 🔥. But frequently ran into performance issue, slow startup etc. Because of these issues I tried VS Code but was unable make shift as VS Code was in its early days and doesn't had as many features that atom had at that time.

Later, when I got my first job I had to shift into Sublime Text as my company's workflow depended on Sublime which I must say is the snappiest text editor out there. But IMO it is not the friendliest editor. It was hard to configure and its plugin system was not for me.

3 months passed, I installed VS Code side by side with Sublime to try it out and to see what has changed. And eventually shifted my workflow completely onto VS Code. Also, forced my seniors to try VS Code. Later, they also shifted to VS Code as they wanted that change 😬.

Now, 2 years after working as a proffesional, I just use VS Code for every language I work with or wanna try.

Honourble Mention: VIM I also use vim for quick file edits as terminal always stays open so why don't just use it.